Power Engines

As part of the global Caterpillar family, Perkins engines are built on more than 80 years of engineering excellence. High performance, low fuel consumption, low cost of ownership, and high power density are amongst some of the outstanding characteristics of Perkins engines. These engines perform in the construction, power generation, rental, agricultural, materials handling and marine markets.

Industrial Engines
Perkins engines power more than 5,000 different types of applications. Wherever you need to pull, push, turn, carry, dig, lift, pump or move our team can help you find a Perkins engine that is right for you.
Electrical Power Generation
Perkins clean and economical engines deliver prime and standby power from 5 to 2500 kVA, hitting all the key power nodes within the range which is in demand globally. Some models also have a switchable option 50 Hz-60 Hz. There is a choice of Perkins ranging from small, medium to large engines as standalone models, ready-to run ElectropaKs or ultra-efficient combined heat and power solutions for stationary on-site power Generation.
Perkins provides top of the line marine engines that can power anything from private yachts to commercial vessels. Perkins Marine engines offer a unique range of 64 kW to 221 kW for ship propulsion engines and 13.5 kWm to 161 kWm for marine power generation.

Perkins Genuine Parts
Genuine Perkins parts are specifically designed to work together to maximize component life and your engine's performance. They ensure optimum power, fuel efficiency and come with a 12-month warranty.
We always insist on use of genuine parts. By choosing non-genuine components engine lifespan and performance is significantly reduced.
Manufacturers of non-genuine parts do not have access to Perkins technical data and drawings so these parts are designed and manufactured in isolation from the rest of the engine parts using reverse engineering. In most cases, the material specification is also rationalized, so there is a real risk that these parts will not fit correctly. This can result in rapid wear, compromised performance, poor reliability, higher oil and fuel consumption and even component damage and ultimately engine failure Using non genuine parts will void engine warranty.

Perkins Product Support
Best in class product support is at the core of our offering as we believe that a commitment to quality is more than just offering/ selling products.
Backed by the strength of our comprehensive training and special tooling, our support team is equipped with irreplaceable knowledge and in-depth expertise of power generation that can help you minimize your engine downtime.


Deap Sea Controllers
Unimex is an appointed distributor for Schaeffler in Azerbaijan,Georgia,Armenia and recently we have been exploring opportunities in Central Asia including Turkmenistan,Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan-Schaeffler,width a history dating back to 1883, is one of the forerunners in the bearing industry and a highly innovative technology company who develop and manufacture precision products for everything that moves-in machines,equipment,and vehicles as well as in aviation and aerospace applications.
A comprehensive understanding of systems,future-oriented products,technological expertise,and consistent customer focus make Schaeffler an esteemed development partner for renomned customers from the automotive and industrial sectors.


Stamford Alternator
Unimex Enterprises offers premium quality alternators renowned for robust and reliable performance across various sectors such as oil and gas,marine,power plants,CHP,mining,mobile construction and telecommunications and in the most harch vonditions and inhabitable environments.Partnering width only the best in the industry,we provide expertise in offering solutions that help our customers compete more success fully throughout the word.Partnering width only the best in the industry,we provide expertise in offering solutions that help our customers compete more successfully throughout the word.
  • Diesel power generation
  • Diesel-electric propulsion systems for vessels and rig types
  • Auxiliary and onboard power supply
  • Grid connection power plants
  • Combined heat and power and cogeneration applications
  • Variable speed generators for cost effective telecoms solutions
  • Auxiliary power units for refrigeration vehicles
  • Critical protection and UPS