New Rolling Stock

Through our partnership with CAF we are in a position to deliver a vast variety of state-of-the-art rolling stock to our clients. Our portfolio encompasses CAF intercity wagons such as high speed, regional, and commuter trains with great emphasis on highest criteria in comfort and proficiency. We are able to satisfy all our clients’ individual requirements by offering custom made products.
Our collections of intercity trains consist of wagons and passenger cars such as:
  • High comfort saloon and compartment cars
  • Couchettes and compartment cars
  • Restaurants and cafeteria cars
  • Luggage vans

Signalling Systems

Unimex Enterprises values safety above all and has chosen CAF as its reliable international partner to offer the most advanced, high-tech products available in the railway signalling market.

Unimex offers a wide range of services to provide integrated, turnkey solutions in order to assist our clients’ need to enhance their strategic and operational expertise across all major rail systems.
Within this scope we offer a wide range of products developed by CAF:

  • AURIGA Family: ERTMS Level 1, Level 2, and combined
  • QUASAR Family: Electronic interlocking - advanced SIL-4 electronic interlocking according to CENELEC standard with 2003 architecture and advanced communications
  • NAOS Family: Integrated control center
  • Electronic block system with collateral stations
  • High-Speed Line Side Wind Detection and Prediction Systems
  • Railway Energy Control
  • Power Distribution Systems (PDS), including Traction and Catenary substations Remote Controls
  • Automatic Energy Measurement and Control Systems

Wheels & Axle

Unimex Enterprises provides a wide range of CAF wheels, axles and gearboxes which all comply with international standards and regulations. Our choice to supply CAF products is based on the fact that CAF places great emphasis on safety and precision during design and manufacturing of their products. Their comprehensive in-house production process combined with their intricate testing system enables them to dominate the market when it comes to quality control.

Unimex offers a wide-range of wheels, axles, and gear units as follows:

  • Resilient wheels, for noise and vibration damping
  • Wheels with built-in disc brakes
  • Noise-damped wheels
  • Safety and braking wheels, for metropolitan trains with pneumatic tires
  • Low stress wheels.
  • Hollow axles
  • Roller burnished axles
  • Axles with molybdenum thermal spray coated on their seats

  • Helical-bevel
  • .92 1 or 2 606-9
  • Semi-suspended
  • Suspended
  • Bevel - Parallel
  • Parallel bevel
  • For all types of applications (Trams, Metros, EMU, DMU, Loco and High Speed Train)

Used Rolling Stock

Unimex Enterprises has been working with HEROS, connected to Deutche Bahn, to meet the demands of the extensive used rolling stock market. Together with HEROS, we are able to supply a wide range of second hand rolling stock to our clients in the railway sector.
Our product range consists of:
  • Passenger vehicles for local and long distance transportation
  • Multiple Units
  • Locomotives
  • Rental and leasing
In addition within this context the following services are also available:
  • Conversion
  • Modernization
  • Revisioning of vehicles,
  • Training for traction unit drivers and maintenance
  • Vehicle appraisal and valuation
  • Service concepts from full service to material service
  • Vehicle leasing – dry lease and more
Unimex Enterprises puts a great emphasis on expertise and quality. Our team of technicians are highly skilled and we only supply original parts for our refurbishment service. We provide our customers with the most comprehensive maintenance service across the spectrum of our products.

Sanitary Systems

Semvac, has become one of our trustworthy partners who are a forerunner in the manufacturing of vacuum sanitary systems and a global supplier of first-class railway sanitary systems outfitting the German railway market with railway sanitary products for a number of years.
Unimex Enterprises supplies the following Semvac products:
  • Western and Eastern style vacuum toilets
  • Water and waste tanks
  • Standard and disabled-friendly toilet cabins
  • Original spares for the SEMLET K, SEMVAC MINI I, II and III and the SEMVAC COMPACT toilets
Through collaboration with Semvac our clients have the opportunity to decrease their cost for open-end toilet systems by choosing locally manufactured water and waste tanks which all are produced under licence from Semvac and come with Semvac certificates and warranty.

Brake Pads and Brake Shoes

Unimex Enterprises has selected TriboRail as a reliable and trustworthy partner to supply superior railway friction material customized for various functions. We value the fact that TriboRail follows strict safety standards and was awarded with ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation in 2014. 
Unimex supplies the rail sector with the following distinguished Tribo Rail products:
  • UIC 350 brake pad
  • UIC 400 brake pad
  • UIC 500 brake pad
  • UCI 250 brake shoe
  • UCI 320 brake shoe
All TriboRail brake pads come in different range of thicknesses. Tribo Rail is able to manufacture commercially justifiable designs upon special request.


Unimex Enterprises has been working, for a number of years, in close collaboration with DBI, which is the international branch of Deutsche Bahn (DB) AG Germany. Through this partnership we are able to grant our clients access to superior German knowledge and expertise and the opportunity to take advantage of DBI’s international staff of consultants, business managers, engineers, and technicians. Hence, our valued customers will be able to benefit greatly by working with DBI on all their railway undertakings.
Our clients can choose from the following services available through our partnership with DBI:
Business Consulting
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Quality and Safety
  • Process and Regulations
System Consulting
  • Logistics
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Design
  • Project Management and Project Control
  • Realization Management and Construction Supervision
  • Environment, Geotechnics and Surveying